v0.5.1 (20/08/2018)

  • Feature: ShareTeam page now shows total points and points for each player
  • Feature: Team formations are now accessible from the Ranking page
  • Bugfix: new players have access to 18 transfers before being subject to the transfer lock
  • Bugfix: ShareTeam page now correctly shows formations for the previous week
  • Bugfix: number of weekly transfers now displays properly even if 0

v0.5.0 (19/08/2018)

  • Feature: Added man of the match bonus points. Rules page has been updated.
  • Feature: Player price is adjusted according to their performance. This will be updated every week before the transfer window opens again.
  • Feature: Added changelog to let players keep track of development.
  • Bugfix: fixed instances where players who had not played would not be substituted.